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We are one of the fastest growing financial advisory companies in India. Since our inception in 2010, our year-to-year growth has been exponential, supported by our ever-expanding network of business partners.

We have been managing financial portfolios of individuals as well as institutions. We work closely with our clientele by providing best-in-business financial expertise to help them manage uncertainties and invest judiciously. With our extensive range of nifty, sensible and futuristic investment solutions, we are always ready to face uncertain financial climate.

We take great pride in developing personal relationships with our clients. We believe that the best financial services are built on faith and loyalty. An example of our clients’ trust in us is that today, we treasure a clientele of more than 3000+ completely satisfied individuals and institutions.

Moneyedge is an ardent believer in the power of association and we are extremely proud of our extended family of 600+ ambitious business partners who are constantly striving to deliver successful solutions for their customers.

Our Ethos

We promise to:

Leadership Team

Rajeev Jadhav

Several first-generation entrepreneurs see Rajeev as an ideal front-runner—young and valiant enough to explore unfamiliar terrains.

Rajeev founded moneyedge in 2009 and is known by his colleagues and clients as a calm and meticulous personality. He generally likes to keep a low profile and his words are often limited, but always golden.

Rajeev has over 17 years of extensive experience in finance. An accomplished financial consultant with rich experience in planning and effecting prestigious projects, Rajeev has earned Diploma in Management from a prestigious institution.

He is credited with adding numerous inventive financial products to the Moneyedge portfolio. His belief in millennials and young India has always inspired the firm’s investment strategy in emerging markets, start-ups and future unicorns.

Hariprasad Venugopal

A very gifted, meticulous, charismatic leader with rich experience and an inquisitive mind.

As a co-founder, Hariprasad has been instrumental in sculpting the ethos of Moneyedge. He is a strong advocate of excellence and individual attention. His warm smile, gaiety and professional demeanour belie his aggression and razor-sharp business acumen, that have made him the go-to-guy for all strategic decisions.

Hariprasad, a masters in commerce, is an ardent follower of financial markets and world economy. He is acknowledged as an authority in Business Development. Under his able leadership, Moneyedge has spread its wings to unconventional and ingenious business verticals.

Prior to moneyedge, he had worked with eminent financial organizations such as Principal PNB Asset Management Co., ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, Induslnd Bank and ABN AMRO to name a few.


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