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Moneyedge in association with Nirmal Bang provide a full bouquet of trading and investment facilities. Choose from among the 3-in-1 Account, Demat & Trading account, Auto Invest, Multiple Assets, and much more.


Set alerts for the stocks of your choice on web-based application as well mobile trading platform

3-in-1 Account

One account. Many benefits! Avail Banking, Demat and Trading services in a single 3-in-1 account.

Auto Invest

Automate your investments in stocks. Invest in small amounts-one month at a time, with India’s first equity SIP offering.

Super Multiple

Enjoy up to 50 times exposure on selected Scrips while placing intraday orders in the cash and futures segments.

What are Equities?

The instruments available for trading on NSE and BSE and can be classified as:


Equities are traded on the stock market. These could be in the primary or secondary market. In the primary market, companies get listed through an Initial Public Offering. Thus, new securities are available in the primary market. In the secondary market, investors buy or sell securities, which have already been issued. Currently, more than 1300 securities are available for trading on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and over 6000 on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).


Derivatives give you an avenue to boost your returns from equities, by providing leverage through products like futures and options. Derivative instruments are available for shares, indices, currencies as well as commodities. Their value is tied to the underlying security.

Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

An IPO is the first sale of a company’s equity to the public. Existing shareholders can get an exit route or a better value for their investment. One can also be the part of the growth story of the issuing company.

Currency Derivatives

Currency derivatives is a contract between the seller and buyer, whose value is to be derived from the underlying asset, the currency value. It offers two advantages to the traders: an opportunity to benefit from currency value fluctuations, and a chance to minimize loss from currency value fluctuations due to various factors.

Why Equities?

Investment in equities bear long term fruits and has a definite edge over merely saving money in your bank account. Here’s how:

  • A better way to fight Inflation: Prices of everyday goods and services keep increasing with time. This is commonly known as inflation. With rising inflation, you feel the need to save more to meet future expenditures; which is where equity investments can help. With timely returns, you can beat the cost of inflation and save money for all your future needs.
  • An ideal liquid investment fund: Equities provide you with flexibility of quickly changing your holding patterns to meet your requirements and also convert your holdings into cash instantaneously. This makes it the apt option compared to other asset classes for investors who are looking for liquid investment opportunities.
  • Source for long term wealth creation: We believe in the famous philosophy of “Great things come out of Patience”. This belief has helped a lot of investors in generating wealth in the long-run. Choosing the right business and growth opportunity at an early stage is an intricate process and we help you create your own success story by helping you gain unlimited upside potential.


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