Best SIP to invest in 2023

Best SIP to invest in 2023

Every aspiring investor is curious about SIP. Being one of the most common ways for people to invest in mutual funds. SIPs aid in the development of financial discipline and the accumulation of wealth for the future. So let's understand SIPs and the best SIPs to invest in through this article.

What is SIP?

A systematic investment plan involving mutual funds enables investors to make smaller, more recurring investments in mutual funds rather than one large amount. You don't have to worry about how much money to start investing in a SIP. A 500 rupee minimum deposit is required to begin a SIP, which is similar to a recurring deposit. Investing is simple and convenient because you can provide the bank standing instructions on the monthly debit amount.

How does SIP work?

A predetermined sum is deducted at regular intervals from your designated bank account once you begin your SIP investment.

The sum is invested in the mutual funds that you choose.

As a result, based on the NAV value, a set of mutual fund units are allotted to you.

For eg.
If you invest Rs 1000 in a mutual fund at a NAV of Rs 20, you will receive 50 units in return. After some time, there is a chance that the NAV value will rise to give you an increased ROI.

You can choose to either keep investing the value earned for a greater ROI until the end of the SIP duration, or you can withdraw the higher ROI at any time.

Benefits of SIP.
How To Start SIP?
Best SIP to Invest in 2023

You should, however, also be prepared for the risk of modest investment losses.


SIP might be a good alternative for you if you're a young aspirant investor or a middle-aged family man seeking financial security because it offers secure investments and rising profits. At Moneyedge, we advise you on the investment strategy that is ideal for you with your financial situation, decisions, financial goals, and risk tolerance.


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