Promise of a
Secure Tomorrow

Promise of a Secure Tomorrow

Guaranteed Income Plans

A regular income flow cannot be taken for granted. Salary income ends with retirement, and even business or professional income canʼt be a certainty for life. This is why people focus on saving a portion of their income so that they maintain financial stability even after retirement or job loss. There are various ways you can invest to get an assured future income. All you need to do is explore this rainbow of opportunities. However, in this article, we stick to one such option. A tried and tested form of investment that has gained immense popularity for generations in India is the Guaranteed Income Plan.

Before we have a look at a few handpicked Guaranteed Income Plans, let us understand more about them, and why it makes sense to invest in one

What are Guaranteed Income Plans

The exact details of the guaranteed income plans may vary from product to product, but here is the gist behind it. You pay a premium for a fixed number of years and you get a guaranteed payback after a few years. For example, you may have to pay a premium for five years and start getting guaranteed income from the 10th till the 15th year. In case of death during the first five years, the insurer may provide a waiver of premium, while maintaining the assured maturity benefit. Besides, there is also a sum assured as a death benefit. So, against the premium payment for a specific number of years, you get a guaranteed pay-out in later years, while a sum remains assured as life cover. Notably, the amount invested grows at an agreed interest rate over the policy term

Why should you buy a Guaranteed Income Plan?

With this understanding of Guaranteed Income Plans, let us look at a few such plans that you can opt for today

HDFC Life Sanchay

It is promoted as a non-linked and non-participatory life insurance plan. Some of its key features are:

ICICI Prudential Gift

Short for Guaranteed Income for Tomorrow (GIFT), ICICI Pru GIFT is protection and savings-oriented life insurance plan. In this product, you have three options

Bajaj Assured Wealth Goal

This non-participating, non-linked plan provides individual life cover and saving options.


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