We are what every financial advisory need to be.Responsible, Reliable and Forward-looking.


Since 2010, we have been managing financial portfolios of individuals as well as institutions. We work closely with our clientele by providing best-in-business financial expertise to help them manage uncertainties and invest judiciously.

With our extensive range of nifty, sensible and futuristic investment solutions, we are always ready to face uncertain financial climate.

We believe our growth relies on the growth of our clients.
Not just by generating wealth, but also by enriching lives.

You are unique.
So are our services.

For us, our clients are more than just an account number.

We understand that every client has unique objectives. To respect and protect their economic realities, we design our products and services as per their distinct identity, personality and aspirations.

In short, our financial solutions are one-of-a-kind. Just like you.

we work with.

We pride ourselves on the brands we’ve been able to cultivate relationships with. They are India’s leading financial services brand including asset management firms, insurance companies, credit houses, and fintech corporations.

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Seek and you shall Find

Interest received is the main source of income for banks and financial institutions. They generate interest income through the loans and advances offered. The big-ticket loans offered to industries and corporates are a major source of interest income.

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Healthcare Opportunities

As the dust settles down on a rampant pandemic, we can now take a moment to look back at its impact on healthcare in India as well as globally. It may be agreed that the COVID-19 virus took global healthcare off-guard. The world at large was not prepared to handle a crisis of this magnitude.

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no MORE worries

The world was no less surrounded by dreadful diseases and unseen medical emergencies, now that the Covid19 pandemic has supplemented the predicament. With the rise of health issues and declining economic conditions, the human race has woken up to secure their lives in every possible way.

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Sustainable Investing

ESG stands for the non-financial parameters namely Environmental, Social, and Governance while investing. These parameters are increasingly becoming relevant to identify material risks and growth opportunities

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Invest in the next UNICORN

A private company that has not yet gone public, can still hold access to investors to buy its unlisted shares. It means you can invest in the company before its initial public offering (IPO). Investors can buy promising unlisted shares with the hope of future gains.



Managing money
in the time of crisis

Let’s face it, you're stuck at home for the past few weeks. For many Indians, this will be a reality for the next several weeks or longer. If there’s an advantage of being at home, it could be some spare time to spend on your money.



Safeguard your MF Portfolio.
From Coronavirus and yourself.

The Coronavirus pandemic is creating disruptions across the economy and businesses
Financial markets across the globe have been hit by volatility, about five times more than normal, on the back of the COVID-19-induced health and economic concerns.



Make your credit score
work for you

A credit score is a measure of an individual’s ability to pay back the borrowed sum of money. It is the numerical representation of their creditworthiness. A credit score is a 3-digit number that falls in the range of 300-900, 900 being the highest.

Your trust. Our strength.


Kumaresan Subramanian

NRI, Strategy consultant

The team moneyedge did an outstanding job in handling my portfolio. They managed to generate substantial returns through secure investment avenues. Their investment strategy, products, and processes helped me accomplish the status of HNI in a substantially shorter span, something I couldn’t attain earlier even after working for 20 years overseas.


Amita Jwala

Educational Consultant

I appreciate the commitment and persistent hard-work of my advisor at Moneyedge. His constant feedback and diversified approach ensured that I was aware of all possible settings and accessible investment avenues before I made my final investing decision. Also, a recurring review of my portfolio has enabled me to have access to contemporary investment solutions. Thank you once again for your commendable work.


Sanford D’mello

NRI Investor

There have been many times since meeting my connect at moneyedge that we have needed his assistance. He is professional, available, courteous, and goes out of his way to help. Getting on top of our intricate finance structure was a task he relished in, explaining the products and possibilities relentlessly. He made sure that we felt comfortable, looked after, and valued.


Atul Mude


I would like to sincerely thank the entire moneyedge team for their incredible support and advice throughout my financial journey. They offered me a perfect blend of necessary expertise along with the international standards of execution and thereby ensuring an upward curve. The customized plan which they made for me was always in sync with my objective and forward-looking.


Paul D’Souza

NRI Investor

Team moneyedge recognizes my financial needs. Their consultants are astute and sharp, pays attention to detail, and delivers on time. I have used their advice and products repeatedly and will have no hesitancy in using their services in the future as well. They are always available to take my call and assist where they can. I have also recommended their proficiency with my family and friends who have received the same exceptional service.


Srinivas Balasubramanian

Business Consultant

I was fortunate enough to meet the moneyedge team couple of years ago. Ever since, they have been consistently supportive in helping me, my family, and my dear ones through all our major financial decisions. Their proficiency in financial planning proved valuable in numerous situations. I wholeheartedly recommend moneyedge to anybody who is looking for sound financial advice.

Together.That’s how we grow.

We desire to work with people who want to achieve financial freedom. People who want to be challenged; and challenge others in return for that upward curve. People who respect, understand and trust each other in a team.
Does that sound like you?

You are worth more. Find out how!

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