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We understand that every client has unique objectives. To respect and protect their economic realities, we design our products and services as per their distinct identity, personality and aspirations.

In short, our financial solutions are one-of-a-kind. Just like you.

we work with.

We pride ourselves on the brands we’ve been able to cultivate relationships with. They are India’s leading financial services brand including asset management firms, insurance companies, credit houses, and fintech corporations.

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Your Guide to Personal Financial Planning in 2023

John Jacob Astor's timeless quote, "Wealth is largely the result of habit," holds true even in 2023 because the key to financial success lies in cultivating the right habits. While forming habits can be challenging, learning eases the journey. That's why Moneyedge has curated a guide to help you develop consistent and rewarding financial habits for long-term success.

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A Layman’s Guide to Fire Insurance

As the name suggests, fire insurance is purchased to ensure coverage against losses and damages caused by fire. It is a type of insurance product that is offered by all leading general insurance companies in India. With adequate fire insurance covers the policyholder can cover the risk of any loss of property caused by an accidental and unintentional fire.

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SEBI's New Guidelines on ESG Mutual Funds

When you set out to look for a company to invest in, the financial robustness of the company is of great significance to you. And rightly so. Financially, it makes little sense to invest in a company whose financials are weak, whose sales growth is poor and/or whose business prospects are not promising.

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A Look Back at Algo Technology

An algorithm is a defined set of instructions that are designed to conduct an activity or process. Although it has its origin in Arabian mathematics, an algorithm is now commonly associated with computer programming. Algorithmic trading is done using a computer program that runs on algorithmic instructions to carry out a trade. It is also known as automated trading, black-box trading, or algo-trading.

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Debt Mutual Funds Lose Indexation Benefits

In one of the recently proposed changes in the Finance Bill 2023, the tax benefit available on debt mutual funds has been taken away. This has stirred reactions from investors, fund houses as well as the opposition in Parliament.


The Benefits of Diversification in Your Investment Portfolio

Generally, investing is considered the allocation of funds for future gains. In finance, investing means getting a return on the money put up. Investment always involves the expenditure of some resource today, such as time, effort, money, or an item, expecting a future return more than the initial investment.

Best SIP to invest in 2023

Best SIP to invest in 2023

Every aspiring investor is curious about SIP. Being one of the most common ways for people to invest in mutual funds. SIPs aid in the development of financial discipline and the accumulation of wealth for the future. So let's understand SIPs and the best SIPs to invest in through this article..

Banking Consumer Rights

5 Things to do before the financial year ends 2023

The financial year is now ending. So, many business owners would be busy with balance sheets and other crucial accounting tasks. The urgency of these chores climbs significantly. Estimating your advance taxes and making investments to save taxes is the major task to do while the year ends.

Buying vs Renting

Buying v/s Renting

Investing in real estate is considered a good investment in Indian culture. Buying a home is a significant achievement for our middle-class population. When we think about our place, we always think about owning it, regardless of the financial situation or the implications. It’s not wrong at all. But, before investing any money in real estate, it is critical to have a 360-degree perspective of your financial position and understand what is best for you.

Banking Consumer Rights

Banking Rights You Should Know

Banking in India serves as the foundation for the country's economic progress. With the growth of technology and the consideration of people's demands, the banking system and administration have seen various changes throughout the years. Banks are the first spot where the majority of Indians save their money. There are other ways to invest money, such as FD or RD, but eventually, the money gets saved in banks.

 The 2023 Union Budget of India

The 2023 Union Budget of India

On February 1st (Wednesday), Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman delivered the Union Budget 2023. According to the finance minister, the total growth of the Indian economy from a global viewpoint was the goal of the Union Budget 2023–24. Additionally, she stated that the Budget recommendations for the 2023–24 fiscal year are based on the idea of a successful and inclusive India, in which all regions and people, particularly our young, women, farmers, OBCs, Scheduled Castes, and Scheduled Tribes, share in the benefits of growth. Let's have a quick overview of the Budget 2023.

 The Art of Investing

The Art of Investing

Successful investors across the world follow a well-defined investment strategy. There is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy. Instead, they envision, design and follow an investment strategy, to the T. As an investor, you must learn from your investment mistakes and include the lessons learnt therefrom into your investment strategy.

A Major Mutual Fund Mergers and Acquisitions in 2022

Major Mutual Fund Mergers and Acquisitions in 2022

Combining two or more mutual fund schemes or plans is a common practice. These mergers are done to rationalize costs, to improve the performance of one or more schemes or for a variety of other reasons. But often, these mergers and acquisitions are business decisions that seek to increase the asset under management or increase market share.

Popular Financial Ratios for Fundamental Analysis of Stocks

Popular Financial Ratios for Fundamental Analysis of Stocks – Part 2

As a part of our commitment to deliver an easy-to-understand series on various financial ratios for you, and buoyed by the appreciation received for the first part of this series – here is the second part of our coverage of popular financial ratios for fundamental analysis of stocks.

Festival of Delights

All You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an insurance category that is designed to meet the needs of travellers. It covers the risks that one may face during travel. A typical travel insurance policy covers hospitalization, other medical expenses, loss of luggage or documents, flight cancellations or disruptions, and various other travel-related losses.

A Lookback at the IPOs in 2022

A Lookback at the IPOs in 2022

From AGS Transact Technologies in mid-January to the likes of Radiant Cash and RBM Infracon, Indian investors had the opportunity of investing in many Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) during the year. This is how 2022 looks in numbers, as far as IPOs are concerned.

An approach to designing your investment portfolio

An approach to designing your investment portfolio

Investing in your surplus fund is the best way to make money work for you. Investments grow through interest or dividend income earned, depending on whether you choose debt or equity investments. But then, no one invests all their money in one investment. After all, why would you invest in a single type or category of investment and expose yourself to market risk?

Festival of Delights

Festival of Delights

The festival season around Diwali is around the corner and each one of us is gearing up to celebrate it to the fullest. The popular festival of lights can be a special occasion in more ways than one. Gifting and celebrating together is always a special feeling, where we get to spread joy among our loved ones. This is also an occasion which we can use to be extra considerate about the financial future of our friends and family. Yes, you guessed it right. With careful thought, we can turn this festival of light into a festival of delights for everyone around us.

Popular Financial Ratios for Fundamental Analysis of Stocks

Popular Financial Ratios for Fundamental Analysis of Stocks

Financial Ratios are the most pivotal part of the fundamental analysis of any stock of a company. These are numerical values collected from the financial statements of a company. They provide insight into the key financial factors like earnings, valuation, dividends, profitability and many more.

Dematerialisation of Insurance Policies

Dematerialisation of Insurance Policies

The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has mandated that all insurance policies will be dematerialised. This could become applicable for new policies by the end of this calendar year, and for existing policies by the end of 2023. Most of us are familiar with the term dematerialised, and familiar with its features and advantages, having seen it already in the share market.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala – Dalal Street’s RARE icon bids adieu

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala – Dalal Street’s RARE icon bids adieu

On the morning of 14th August 2022, the Indian financial world woke up to the shocking news of the death of investor extraordinaire Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Suffering from multiple health issues related to heart, diabetes and kidney, Jhunjhunwala passed away at the age of 62 in Mumbai’s Breach Candy Hospital. Despite his relatively short life span, Mr Jhunjhunwala leaves behind a chequered legacy that will continue to guide and inspire budding traders and investors for generations to come.

Solution Oriented Mutual Funds

Sahi Hai
Solution Oriented Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are considered one of the most effective investment avenues as they offer professional management, diversification, and asset allocation. They offer the convenience of investing and economies of scale to investors at large. Currently, the Indian Mutual Funds industry at large manages the assets to the tune of INR 39.50 trillion.

Rainbow of Possibilities

Rainbow of Possibilities

We live in a brave new world where possibilities are endless. When it comes to investments, gone are the days when our earlier generations didnʼt have much to look beyond real estate, fixed deposits, gold and a few blue-chip stocks. While these well-known investment options remain, numerous lesser-known investment products are ready to diversify your portfolio and test your financial acumen. What this article does for you is spread across a rainbow of possibilities. The possibility of investments can be the possibility of growth, the possibility of steady and high returns, the possibility of wealth preservation, and eventually the possibility of a secured financial future.

Growth is

Growth is Gradual

Mutual fund investors can buy fund units in a lump sum or through an SIP. A Systematic Investment Plan is where you invest a fixed amount in predetermined funds regularly.

Promise of a
                    Secure Tomorrow

Promise of a Secure Tomorrow

A regular income flow cannot be taken for granted. Salary income ends with retirement, and even business or professional income canʼt be a certainty for life. This is why people focus on saving a portion of their income so that they maintain financial stability even after retirement or job loss. There are various ways you can invest to get an assured future income. All you need to do is explore this rainbow of opportunities. However, in this article, we stick to one such option. A tried and tested form of investment that has gained immense popularity for generations in India is the Guaranteed Income Plan.

Growth is

Shared Opportunity

Fractional assets are assets where the ownership can be held by many individuals in percentages. Assets are sold to prospective asset owners in small fractions or percentages.

Promise of a
                    Secure Tomorrow

Two Sides of the Same Coin

We often get news about the changes made in the repo and reverse repo rates by the Reserve Bank of India. Changes in these rates have an immediate effect on the economy, be it the stock market, our savings and investments, business plans etc. This happens because repo and reverse repo rate can dictate the flow of money in the economy.

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Seek and you shall Find

Interest received is the main source of income for banks and financial institutions. They generate interest income through the loans and advances offered. The big-ticket loans offered to industries and corporates are a major source of interest income.

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Healthcare Opportunities

As the dust settles down on a rampant pandemic, we can now take a moment to look back at its impact on healthcare in India as well as globally. It may be agreed that the COVID-19 virus took global healthcare off-guard. The world at large was not prepared to handle a crisis of this magnitude.

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Invest in the next UNICORN

A private company that has not yet gone public, can still hold access to investors to buy its unlisted shares. It means you can invest in the company before its initial public offering (IPO). Investors can buy promising unlisted shares with the hope of future gains.

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no MORE worries

The world was no less surrounded by dreadful diseases and unseen medical emergencies, now that the Covid19 pandemic has supplemented the predicament. With the rise of health issues and declining economic conditions, the human race has woken up to secure their lives in every possible way.

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Sustainable Investing

ESG stands for the non-financial parameters namely Environmental, Social, and Governance while investing. These parameters are increasingly becoming relevant to identify material risks and growth opportunities



Managing money
in the time of crisis

Let’s face it, you're stuck at home for the past few weeks. For many Indians, this will be a reality for the next several weeks or longer. If there’s an advantage of being at home, it could be some spare time to spend on your money.



Safeguard your MF Portfolio.
From Coronavirus and yourself.

The Coronavirus pandemic is creating disruptions across the economy and businesses
Financial markets across the globe have been hit by volatility, about five times more than normal, on the back of the COVID-19-induced health and economic concerns.



Make your credit score
work for you

A credit score is a measure of an individual’s ability to pay back the borrowed sum of money. It is the numerical representation of their creditworthiness. A credit score is a 3-digit number that falls in the range of 300-900, 900 being the highest.

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Kumaresan Subramanian

NRI, Strategy consultant

The team moneyedge did an outstanding job in handling my portfolio. They managed to generate substantial returns through secure investment avenues. Their investment strategy, products, and processes helped me accomplish the status of HNI in a substantially shorter span, something I couldn’t attain earlier even after working for 20 years overseas.


Amita Jwala

Educational Consultant

I appreciate the commitment and persistent hard-work of my advisor at Moneyedge. His constant feedback and diversified approach ensured that I was aware of all possible settings and accessible investment avenues before I made my final investing decision. Also, a recurring review of my portfolio has enabled me to have access to contemporary investment solutions. Thank you once again for your commendable work.


Sanford D’mello

NRI Investor

There have been many times since meeting my connect at moneyedge that we have needed his assistance. He is professional, available, courteous, and goes out of his way to help. Getting on top of our intricate finance structure was a task he relished in, explaining the products and possibilities relentlessly. He made sure that we felt comfortable, looked after, and valued.


Atul Mude


I would like to sincerely thank the entire moneyedge team for their incredible support and advice throughout my financial journey. They offered me a perfect blend of necessary expertise along with the international standards of execution and thereby ensuring an upward curve. The customized plan which they made for me was always in sync with my objective and forward-looking.


Paul D’Souza

NRI Investor

Team moneyedge recognizes my financial needs. Their consultants are astute and sharp, pays attention to detail, and delivers on time. I have used their advice and products repeatedly and will have no hesitancy in using their services in the future as well. They are always available to take my call and assist where they can. I have also recommended their proficiency with my family and friends who have received the same exceptional service.


Srinivas Balasubramanian

Business Consultant

I was fortunate enough to meet the moneyedge team couple of years ago. Ever since, they have been consistently supportive in helping me, my family, and my dear ones through all our major financial decisions. Their proficiency in financial planning proved valuable in numerous situations. I wholeheartedly recommend moneyedge to anybody who is looking for sound financial advice.

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